5 Reasons Why Hooking Up a Snow Plow to Your Lawn Mower Is a Terrible Idea – MotorBiscuit

If you live in an area where it snows during the wintertime, then you may have thought about attaching a plow or blower to your riding lawnmower. It seems like a good idea, especially if your riding mower has a zero-turn radius, but buying an actual free-standing snow blower could be a much better idea. Here are five reasons that hooking up a snowplow to your lawnmower could be a terrible idea.

1. Preserving your lawn mower’s life is important

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While it might sound like a good idea to use your riding lawn mower for double duty as a snowplow, consider that doing so can cut down on its life significantly. Consumer Reports notes that the transmission on most residential mowers is meant for cutting grass and that pushing or blowing heavy snow can cut down its life considerably. However, if you must attach a snowplow to the mower, then make sure that you have a high-end tractor to put it on as a cheaper one may not fair too well.

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