A Skinny Guy Camper Turns Almost Any Pickup Truck Into an RV

Towing a trailer or a camper isn’t the only way that you can enjoy the RV lifestyle with a pickup truck. With a bed camper, your truck effectively becomes an RV—no towing hitch necessary. But that’s only the case if the camper you’re eyeing can fit in the bed and doesn’t overload your payload capacity. Fortunately, some models, such as the ones Skinny Guy Campers makes, make that first part a non-issue.

A Skinny Guy Camper fits into almost any pickup truck bed

Skinny Guy Camper on a Ram 2500 | Skinny Guy Campers

Because pickup trucks vary so much in overall size, there’s no ‘true’ standard bed size. That’s why a company like Scout Campers typically offers several truck bed camper models designed for different bed dimensions. Bristol, Indiana-based Skinny Guy Campers, though, does it slightly differently.

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