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One major benefit to wrenching on a motorcycle as opposed to a car is the degree of access. Maintenance intervals on a motorcycle might be shorter than on a car, but many of the tasks are arguably easier because the parts are in the open. Case in point, adjusting the throttle cable. And speaking of adjustments, properly adjusting your motorcycle suspension is just as vital for performance and safety. Plus, while tweaking a car’s suspension is often an involved, complicated process, adjusting your bike’s suspension settings is far lower on the DIY difficulty scale.

Adjusting your motorcycle suspension is critical for comfort, stability, and handling

2012 Triumph Street Triple R adjustable rear mono-shock side view | Matthew Skwarczek, MotorBiscuit

At first glance, motorcycle suspension looks noticeably different than car suspension, at least in front. However, whether you’re talking about motorcycle forks or rear shocks/mono-shocks, they work essentially the same as conventional car shocks or coilovers. While modern systems feature electronic components and complex valving, at its most basic, bike suspension boils down to a fluid damper connected to one or more springs.

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