Are Tire Socks Better Than Winter Tires? Consumer Reports Says It Depends

It’s time to bundle up for the cold weather and prepare your car for the snow. Winter tires are a great solution for many, but there are alternatives. Tire socks, for instance, may work better for environments where snow occurs but isn’t frequent. But what are tire socks, and should you buy them instead of snow tires?

Woman installing tire sock to her car in the snow | Pochard Casabianca/AFP via Getty Images

What are snow socks, and how do they work?

Tires socks are, as the name entails, covers that go around your rubber. But the textile material used provides extra grip in snowy conditions. One of the main advantages is that a set of these snow socks are significantly cheaper than a set of winter tires, and can be removed once the pavement is clear again. After all, snow tires aren’t built for regular road conditions, they’re built for the snow.

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