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As fast and powerful as the latest BMW M3 is, some aren’t exactly taken by its looks. Not to mention, a new M3 isn’t exactly cheap. However, a used M3 offers similar performance at a significantly more affordable price. Plus, in some cases, these older BMWs are more fun and communicative than their new counterparts. And if you want a prime example, look no further than this week’s Bring a Trailer bargain car: a 2006 E46 BMW M3 Competition.

Hagerty calls the E46 BMW “peak M3”—and the ZCP Competition Package moved the peak even higher

E46 BMW M3 Competition | BMW

The M3 has come a long way from the original E30. While that car was a genuine race car for the road, its successors were more luxurious and road-focused. But they never lost their performance edge, even though each generation offered a distinctly different take on the matter.

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