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If you’re getting ready to head to the dealerships to look at new or used cars, you have to be more prepared than ever. Not only will you have the usual time of spending hours test driving vehicles, but haggling on a price is also now harder than ever. With demand for cars up and availability low, dealerships have the upper hand. Because of this, many cars are being sold for more than they are actually worth or valued at, even despite age, mileage, or history. This year, car buying is just a bit trickier, and if you aren’t attentive, you may be paying too much for your next vehicle.

New cars are selling for over MSRP at dealerships right now

New car dealership showroom | Michal Fludra NurPhoto, Getty Images

This isn’t just a theory that buyers have made us feel paranoid, even major consumer journals are reporting on the trend. This includes publications like The Wall Street Journal, which has noted that this change in prices to above original MSRP is being driven by high consumer demand and lack of product. In the past year alone, the automotive market, as well as many other major industries around the world, suffered major shutdowns.

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