Chocolate Wheels: You Can Have Your Car and Eat It Too – MotorBiscuit

Two of the most desirable things in the world are chocolate and cars. Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty chocolate candy bar, chocolate chip cookie, or brownie from time to time? As far as cars, we love them and the freedom, convenience, and capabilities that they offer. A Japanese company managed to combine these two things by creating a mold that enables you to create your own chocolate wheels at home.

Chocolate BBS F1 racing wheels

Chocolate Wheels and Boxes | 4Design

The chocolate wheels are a creation of 4Design, a Japanese company that fuses traditional Japanese crafts with automotive elements, as reported by Autoblog. Previously, 4Design created a chair with piping components similar to the ones used for car exhausts and headers. The aim of 4Design is to show unfamiliar aspects of the industrial manufacturing process in fun and interesting ways. 

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