Cinderella: Is Camila Cabello’s Chariot a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class? | MotorBiscuit

Have you seen Camila Cabello in Cinderella yet? While the classic story got a modern re-write, so did Cinderella’s chariot. This year, the chariot is an S-Class sedan from the ultra-luxury brand Mercedes-Maybach. Watch Billy Porter fawn over the one-of-a-kind glamorous golden carriage. The collab is meant “to create magical moments that empower and inspire,” and it certainly checks all of those boxes.

Camila Cabello’s chariot is a Mercedes-Maybach in the new Cinderella

Cinderella: Is Camila Cabello’s Chariot a Mercedes-Maybach? | Mercedes-Benz

Cinderella x Mercedes-Benz is one of the more exciting collaborations this year. Camila Cabello has been praised for her work on the movie, but have you seen the cars? Mercedes-Maybach and designer Will Castro decided the vehicle needed to be as fabulous as Porter’s character, the Fabulous Godmother. The Fab G is the newest Fairy Godmother to hit the scene.

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