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It’s not quite a car, and it’s not a motorcycle, but the Morgan 3-Wheeler is definitely an experience worth pursuing. But it’s also an experience that’s about to end. At least, that was what many Morgan enthusiasts worried would happen. True, after the P101 Editions are built and sold, the current-gen 3-Wheeler is going away. However, it won’t be gone for good, because there’s a new 3-Wheeler on the way.

Morgan is making a next-gen 3-Wheeler

New Morgan 3-Wheeler testing | Morgan

Apart from the Polaris Slingshot and Vanderhall’s machines, there aren’t many three-wheeled vehicles on sale today that aren’t motorcycles. And even among that limited crowd, the Morgan 3-Wheeler stands out due in part to its vintage-inspired design. However, just because it draws heavily from the past, doesn’t mean that Morgan can’t evolve with the times. And so, it goes for the new 3-Wheeler.

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