Cybertruck VS Ford Lightning VS Hummer EV: Which Electric Truck Will Reign Supreme? | MotorBiscuit

The electric trucks are coming. It seems every manufacturer has an electric truck prototype in the works. With the Rivian R1T set for deliveries this fall, it is anyone’s guess which truck will be second to market. The Electrek website wrote a matchup of the three most likely contenders: The Tesla Cybertruck, the F-150 Lightning, and GMC’S Hummer EV. Read on to find out how these electric truck models stack up.

The Tesla Cybertuck Is A Fresh Take On The Future

Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

The style of the Tesla Cybertruck is divisive: you either love it or hate it. Elon Musk took inspiration from dystopian, “cyberpunk” SciFi of the 1980s (think Bladerunner) as he directed his designers. The resulting prototype is impossible to ignore. This strategy netted Tesla over a million pre-orders of its electric truck.

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