Don’t Be Fooled, the Ford Supervan Is Actually Just a Ford GT40 – MotorBiscuit

Who doesn’t love a super fast van? Hell, Ford even called it the Supervan. There’s literally nothing to not love. Well, it gets even better because this isn’t really a van; well, it is, but it’s not just a van. This van is actually a Ford GT40 with a Gurney-Weslake 435 hp V8. While the disguise is honestly not that great, most folks probably wouldn’t guess that this van had 435 hp and rides on a real Ford GT40 chassis. 

Ford Supervan 1971 | Ford UK

What is a Ford Supervan? 

According to Silodrome, Ford has only ever made three Supervans. The original Supervan was born from the ashes of a retired Ford GT40 chassis; a Mark 1 Ford Transit van body was then grafted onto the top. The second Supervan, Supervan 2, was built in 1984, then in 1994, Supervan 2 was rebuilt into the Supervan 3.

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