European Drivers Can Buy These Zero-Star Safety Rated Cars, but We Wouldn’t Recommend Them – MotorBiscuit

On American soil, car owners look for affordable vehicles that come with some of the highest car safety ratings around. Five-star scores signify a safe vehicle, which means the car handles well in various crash scenarios. According to Jalopnik, the Latin American markets handle their crash testing a bit differently. Two of its recently tested vehicles came back with bottom-of-the-barrel ratings. Which ones are they, and why are they unsafe?

What does the European organization, Latin NCAP do, exactly?

Crash test dummy used for car safety | Getty Images

Here, in America, we’re familiar with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. They put new vehicles to the test and rate their effectiveness in handling different situations during crash testing. In Latin America and the Caribbean, the organization that performs the safety tests for that market is the Latin New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). 

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