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A few short minutes cruising Ford’s website will show the company’s devotion to providing a substantial selection of crate engines. With the push for electric vehicles dominating the auto industry, it’s no wonder Ford made available the M-9000 MACHE electric motor for purchase. Ford sells all engines from its vehicles, from the reliable Coyote to the inline-four Ecoboost. These engines are built to spec, so assuming they are used as direct replacements, they will perform just as they would in the car they were intended for. Ford releasing the Eluminator as a crate motor opens all kinds of doors, not just to people looking to rebuild their cars, but hot rodders as well.

Where does the Eluminator come from?

Ford Mustang Mach E | Getty Images

Ford’s M-9000 MACHE comes from, obviously, the 2021 Mustang Mach E. It produces 281 horsepower with 317 lb-ft of torque, revs to 13,800 RPM, and weighs little more than a butterfly at 205 pounds. Some assembly is required, as the motor doesn’t come with a control system or battery. It also doesn’t come with a traction inverter, which converts DC power to AC power for the drive motor. 

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