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General Motors has been dealing with problems with its popular electric vehicle, the Chevy Bolt, for some time. The Chevrolet bolt has been spontaneously catching on fire, and for awhile, no one was entirely sure why. Attempts to repair the Bolt have failed, as some recalled and repaired Bolts still caught fire. GM recently expanded their recall of the Chevy Bolt to include every Bolt ever made. They say that battery maker LG is at fault. Now GM is canceling the Bolt. 

2021 Chevy Bolt | Chevrolet

What’s wrong with the Chevy Bolt?

The problem with the Chevrolet Bolt stems from its battery. An investigation by GM showed that there were defects in the LG batteries – some had a “torn anode tab and folded separator.” When those two issues happen in the same battery, the risk of a fire increases. 

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