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Toyota seems eager to break the Camry out of its frugal shell. It’s been painted as an econobox most of its adult life. It can be tough to break out of an established identity after reaching maturity, just ask any adult. Regardless, the Camry is trying its hardest, and now is starting to show signs of imminent success. However, is the transition so far well received by its owners? The transition phase is still in its infancy, so in time the truth will bear fruit, but for now this is what owners have to say about their Camrys.

The Toyota camry is almost a spa treatment, from door to ignition

Toyota Camry interior | Toyota

On the outside the Camry is not imposing. It’s modest in stature, but upon closer inspection it’s obvious that the car is hiding something. Sharp contours shape the doors and wheel wells. The hood isn’t flat but is paved with wide grooves, and the front bumper is one massive duct, with slight colored accents on both ends. Stepping inside, the size of the car immediately becomes clear. The interior is spacious and comfortable. Compared to its smaller sibling, the Corolla, it’s like swimming in an olympic pool vs treading water in a truck bed. 

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