How to Transport Thanksgiving Dinner in Your RV, Car, or Uber

A lot of work goes into cooking a holiday dinner. If you plan on taking your Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday dinner to-go in your RV, car, or uber, check out these tips. The holiday season is a popular time for travel so be sure to buckle up if you are traveling on the roads. That means buckling yourself and your holiday dishes, too.

How do you transport Thanksgiving dinner?

Tips for transporting your Thanksgiving dinner in an RV, car, or Uber | Ben McCanna/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

If you plan on having your Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or other holiday celebration elsewhere this year, there are a few ways to make your holiday road trip less stressful. Depending on where you are going, consider your cooking methods. If you attend a large Christmas gathering and won’t get your dish back, a disposable pan might be better than your grandma’s vintage Pyrex.

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