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Kate Moss is someone that others say is a very important person. I can’t say I know much about her outside of her incredibly cool vintage car collection. Although it isn’t all that surprising to hear an international superstar has a cool car collection. However, it is a little less common for that person to be a supermodel. Kate Moss is one such supermodel who seems to get cooler and cooler the more we learn about her. From Rolls-Royce to MG, Kate Moss’ vintage car collection is not what you would expect.

Kate Moss driving her MG roadster | MelMedia/GC Images

Kate Moss’ MG MIdget had some trouble

As Hannah Elliot of Bloomberg recently noted, Kate Moss and her little MG Midget experienced what all vintage car enthusiasts experience at some point or another, a breakdown. She was photographed looking like just the rest of us belonging to the unwashed vintage car rabble standing next to her dirty MG as it sat lifeless on the shoulder of a British highway. 

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