Man Claimed to Have Found a Legendary Bugatti Model Worth $100 Mil and Then Mysteriously Disappeared

The Reddit boards were alight with excitement over some mysterious photos of a legendary Bugatti model. One user posted a few photos of what appeared to be the remains of an impossibly rare and much hunted-for one of four Bugatti barn find built in the 1930s. The four cars in question are the Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic. But the one we are talking about today is the only one of the four that, even after an international hunt, is still left unfound, the Bugatti “La Voiture Noire.” 

Paris Auto Salon | Getty Images

The Reddit user claims that the car pictured is that car, indeed. If so, it could easily top $100 mil for its infamous disappearance and legendary status. Finding this car would easily be the King of all barn finds – If we are to believe this is that same car. The poster quickly deleted the posting accounts with no trace. 

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