Must Watch: Ford Bronco Raptor Crushes Off-Road Course

We haven’t officially gotten a glimpse of the Ford Bronco Raptor just yet, and we still don’t in this video. One of the most highly anticipated vehicles coming soon, the Bronco Raptor combines the sold-out off-road SUV with the ever-popular Raptor lineup. The Ford F-150 Raptor is an American favorite and an expensive one to boot. You have to watch this Raptor-fied Bronco crush the off-road course.

Watch the Ford Bronco Raptor drive off-road

Who doesn’t love seeing a big off-road vehicle slinging mud around a course? In this video, a camouflaged Ford Bronco Raptor easily navigates through mud and hills. The course features tight-winding turns, small hills, bumpy runs, and, most importantly, dirt. The Bronco Raptor flies through all of it smoothly and looks great doing it despite being partially hidden.

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