Off-Road Ice Cream 4×4 Chevy Van Disrespects Moab’s Hardest Trails | MotorBiscuit

Unlike most other motorsports, off-roading attracts all kinds of people. There is a much lower barrier to entry than most racing events. All you need is a little bread to get your rig right, and some gusto and four-wheeling is yours for the taking. To my point, most folks tend to use solid axel Jeep Wranglers, Ford F-150s, and other such trucks and SUVs. However, These dudes just ran some of the toughest trails at Moab in a 1980s 4×4 Chevy van known for handing out ice cream and candy. 

Moab | Robert Alexander/Archive Photos/Getty Images

How did this off-road 4×4 van get tough enough for Moab? 

Since its inaugural run in 1999, MotorTrend subsidiary, Four Wheeler, hosts the Ultimate Adventure. This event is comprised of 4×4 enthusiasts, invited readers, and staff takes to the trail for a week-long adventure covering 1,000 miles. The event location changes every year, and the drivers don’t know where they are going or what kind of terrain they will face. 

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