Oklahoma Kia Dealership Convicted of Fraud: How Many More Are There?

An Oklahoma Kia dealership owner, and numerous former employees, were convicted of auto loan fraud, forgery, and aggravated identity theft. A federal jury found Bobby Mayes, Charles Gooch, and Courtney Wells guilty of using fraud to sucker finance companies to issue consumer loans to eligible buyers. With 25 counts that Mayes and Gooch were each accused of, they were found guilty of all of them. 

Wells was convicted of 19 of the 25 counts. She was acquitted of six of the wire fraud counts. Prosecutors were from the US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Oklahoma. The three worked at Big Red Dealerships, where the crimes took place from 2014 to 2019. Big Red includes Big Red Sports/Imports, Big Red Kia, Norman Yamaha, Norman Mitsubishi, and Mayes Kia.  

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