Remember the Hubless Verge TS Electric Motorcycle? It’s Almost Here | MotorBiscuit

Although automakers sometimes release near-production-spec cars, electric and otherwise, as ‘concepts,’ the truly wild ones rarely make it into consumers’ hands. And this often occurs in the electric motorcycle world, too. But occasionally, an unconventional idea goes the distance. And the Verge TS, with its one brake and hubless wheel, is about to do just that.

The Verge TS electric motorcycle is going into production, hubless rear wheel and all

Verge TS rear 3/4 view | Verge Motorcycles

If you’re a Tron: Legacy fan, you likely remember the movie’s high-tech light cycles with their large wheels. Wheels that, while they spun conventionally, weren’t connected by a chain, belt, or driveshaft to an engine or motor. However, these hubless wheels aren’t science fiction. Franco Sbarro—the founder of Swiss automaker Sbarro—created the first practical examples in 1989, which used large circular bearings to rotate tires.

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