Retro-Crazy Songsan Motors is Making a Wild ’57 Roadmaster Sedan

Chinese automaker Songsan Motors is grabbing attention for its retro-crazy electric vehicles. You might have seen its very C1 Corvette-looking coupe called the SS Dolphin from a few years ago. Now, it’s back with another EV that is based on the 1957 Buick Roadmaster. And surprisingly, it pulled off the transition from big, hulking Detroit iron, to a contemporary EV platform fairly well. 

What is Songsan Motors?

Songsan C1 Corvette knockoff | CCN

Songsan is building up a line of retro-tastic creations beyond the Dolphin. It also makes the VW Microbus-inspired SS Summer and previewed a more contemporary GT, which features scissors front doors. Songsan hasn’t determined whether it will produce the GT yet. 

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