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The reception for the Rivian R1T electric truck has been generally good. People are excited to see the new EV truck on the road, and Rivian seems to be trucking along just fine with production. But then one person caught the Rivian R1T doing some unauthorized off-roading in a parking lot near the brand’s Irvine, California, office this week.

The Rivian R1T electric truck crashed in a parking lot

R1T Electric Truck Crash | blonktime via Reddit

According to the original post on the Rivian subreddit, a pre-production Rivian R1T truck was in the parking lot of the Irvine facility this week. The truck crashed into two vehicles in the parking lot after losing control. The poster, blonktime, said that the vehicle traveled about 50 feet before coming to a screeching halt. It took with it a Ford Explorer and damaged another car as it went through the bushes.

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