So Long Soccer Moms: SUVs May Be Killing off the Minivan – MotorBiscuit

For many reasons, the minivan is the perfect vehicle for certain people. It’s earned a reputation for being a family hauler, with seven seats and room for the dog. But upon digging a little deeper, it’s becoming clear that minivans are struggling to compete in today’s car markets. And over the years, there have been a few signs that automakers are pulling back on minivans in favor of better-selling SUVs.

Dodge Caravan (Top) and Toyota Previa (Bottom) | Stellantis/Toyota

A brief history of the family minivan

With the oil crisis shaping cars of the early 80s, quite literally, station wagons and sedans were suddenly getting smaller to get better fuel efficiency. That left a significant hole in the market for large families, who needed the three rows of seating that station wagons of the 50s and 60s once touted. And because consumer focus was shifting toward fuel economy and low prices, an entirely new vehicle needed to be created.

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