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Lawn tractors and mowers can do a lot of yard work, but they’re not designed to handle snow. So, when winter comes knocking, that usually means exchanging the lawn mower for a snow blower. But you can’t just shove the mower into a shed and call it a season. Before the chill and frost move in, you have to winterize your lawn mower properly. And secure winter storage is only part of the process.

Winterize your lawn mower properly or you might need a new one in the spring

A lawn mower in storage in a garage | Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Much like motorcycles and outboard boat motors, lawn mowers need some care before going to sleep for the winter. Keeping them secured in a shed or similar location to protect them from weather, animals, and thieves is a solid first step. But winterizing your mower goes further than that.

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