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According to fresh registration data in the United States, Tesla sales in the United States are skyrocketing. Nonetheless, as many industry experts predicted, the Silicon Valley-based EV manufacturer’s market share has started experiencing a slight decrease. Additionally, the Financial Times has reported that electric vehicle sales have surged in China as demand for Teslas tumbles. However, Elon Musk plans on remedying this with five different versions of the Tesla Model Y.

China’s EV automotive market

Elon Musk visiting a Tesla Factory in China | STR/AFP via Getty Images

According to a report published in Fortune, “China is the world’s largest market for electric vehicle (EV) sales, but it still has enormous room for growth. Beijing has set a target for EVs to account for 40% of all passenger vehicles sold in 2030, up from roughly 5% today. This is a stark contrast from 2009 to 2012 when EVs were only 0.01% of the market. That 5% metric was as of early April of this year, and as far as we know, that hasn’t changed, nor will it for some time to come. To put it in a less than eloquent way, that sucks for Tesla since its EVs don’t seem to be as popular as other brands in the country. Is there any hope for Tesla and the Model Y?

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