Tesla’s Electric Car Sales Thrive as Other Automaker’s Sales Dip – MotorBiscuit

With the pandemic and chip shortage raging on, almost every automaker is struggling to produce new cars, whether they’re electric or not. And the new cars that are produced have higher price tags than ever. But Tesla sales have defied all odds, creating a business practice that’s survived these difficult times. While they aren’t selling as many cars as other major brands, their production hasn’t decreased either.

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Tesla’s third-quarter sales were higher than anticipated

Tesla released their quarterly sales report, which stated that the company sold 241,300 electric cars. For context, The Wall Street Journal had predicted the company would sell 227,000 cars. The chip shortage and lower demand in China certainly played a part in the automaker’s sales, but they still managed to beat the estimates, and are on track for an “eye-popping growth trajectory” according to Daniel Ives, an analyst for Wedbush.

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