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If you’re after a used sports car, but still have a family to carry around and look after or need some extra space, there are plenty of inexpensive choices out there. Sports sedans are just performance cars with four doors, so it’s far from impossible to find a car that goes fast and also has a back seat. All of these cars have proven performance records, are rear-wheel-drive and can come with a manual transmission. Some may be a little on the older side, but they are all reliable enough to last a long time.

2007 BMW 335i: turbocharged horsepower

At this point it’s fairly old, but the 2007 E90 335i is still an excellent sports sedan. At the time it used a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six that made 300 horsepower. It could be paired with a manual transmission, and though it didn’t have a mechanical limited-slip differential, it used computers to regulate traction much like an LSD would, which BMW called an electronic differential. While many trivial things on the car might break, like the little arms that deliver the seatbelts, the engine and transmission are solid.

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