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‘Icon’ is often overused today, but if any motorcycle deserves that title, it’s the Ducati 916. Nearly 30 years after its release, the superbike continues to influence Ducati bikes. But the 916 didn’t spring up out of nowhere. For one, its designer, Massimo Tamburini, was partially influenced by contemporary Japanese sportbikes. And two, the 916 followed in the style footsteps of a slightly smaller machine: the Ducati Supermono.

Before the 916 wowed the world, the Ducati Supermono shrieked onto the racetrack

Ducati Supermono racing | Ducati

Ducati’s status in the motorcycle world stems in part from its racing success. More specifically, from its World Superbike Championship success. Although Ducati’s MotoGP record is a bit patchy, it’s still the winningest manufacturer in WSBK. Four of those wins came from the Ducati 916 in the 1990s.

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