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The top-selling pickup truck in the country has been Ford F-Series pickup trucks for quite some time. In fact, you’d have to go back 44 years to find a time where a different pickup sold more. Just because it dominates the pickup truck segment doesn’t mean it can beat every other class of vehicle, right? According to Visual Capitalist, wrong. Visual Capitalist broke down the highest vehicle sales in the country state-by-state to display which one sold the most in each location. Just like the pickup truck segment sales in the United States in the last 44 years, the Ford F-Series dominated. More than half the states in the country sold more F-Series pickups than any other vehicle.

In how many states does the Ford F-Series dominate?

Top Selling Vehicles in America By State | Visual Capitalist

As you can see from the graphic, the Ford F-Series dominates the entire country. 60% of all US states bought more Ford F-Series pickup trucks than any other vehicle. That’s 30 total states where F-Series are the most popular. Even more surprising, an additional 10 states’ most popular vehicle is a different brand of pickup. Either the Chevrolet Silverado or Ram pickups boost pickup trucks numbers up to 39. Then way out in the ocean, the best-selling vehicle in Hawaii is the Toyota Tacoma. That leaves only 10 states where some brand of a pickup truck is not the best selling vehicle. It’s safe to say America absolutely loves its pickup trucks.

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