The GM Streetcar Conspiracy: Was GM Responsible for the Demise of America’s Streetcars?

In vintage car safety news, have you heard about how GM was involved with the downfall of the streetcar? Many people know about the streetcars in America, but the story is worth rehashing. One of the biggest companies was called National City Lines, which has links to the GM company of today.

The GM streetcar conspiracy is actually true

The story of GM and America’s streetcars, August 1880 | FPG/Getty Images

The 1800s saw the popularity of animal-drawn streetcars. Electric streetcars replaced these toward the end of the century. By the time the 1920s rolled around, streetcars were a popular mode of public transportation for Americans. Vox reported that there were more than 17,000 miles of streetcar lines connecting major cities across the country. In fact, some towns and suburbs were built around the lines to have convenient locations.

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