The Segway Autonomous Lawn Mower Uses GPS to Mow Your Lawn – MotorBiscuit

Gone are the days when you have to pay the neighbor’s kid to mow your lawn. In fact, you won’t need to pay anyone to mow your lawn if you buy one of the newest products from Segway. It’s called the Navimow, and it’s one of the most advanced lawn mowers that you can use on your lawn.

The Segway Navimower uses virtual boundaries to stay within the lines

Segway Navimow | Segway

One of the reasons that the Segway Navimow is so advanced, compared to other robot mowers on the market is its ability to mow lawns while staying inside the lines. For the unaware, other robot mowers use boundary wire that you will need to lay down around the perimeter of your lawn. However, the Segway Navimow uses an Exact Fusion Locating System instead.

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