This Affordable Camper Van Is Somehow Under $50k – MotorBiscuit

The giant EarthRoamers and Mercedes Sprinter vans are cool. It’s hard to deny the versatility and comfort of those big rigs, but the small campers are carving out a pretty cool space, too. This is doubly true when you take into account how much those big rig RVs cost. It may be small, but the Dailycamper is a super affordable camper van that has everything you need – even a toilet

The Dailycamper | Dailycamper

How much should you spend on a camper van? 

This is a very subjective question and one without a “correct” answer. However, your bank account will likely help most people figure out their budgetary restrictions pretty quickly. Considering how EarthRoamers start around half a million dollars, most people don’t need much advice there. 

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