This Nuclear Megayacht Was Designed to Save the World; Noah’s Ark Style – MotorBiscuit

The super-wealthy tend to attempt masking their absurd spending as ways to help fuel the economy, further progress, or in this case, save the world. After watching Jeff Bezos spend billions to fly next to space, or Tesla push its unproven driverless tech after a year wrought with hardship, violence, and death, many had their illusions of billionaires shattered. But is this new nuclear megayacht going to be more of the same or a modern-day Noah’s Ark? It’s hard to say “ark” and “yacht” in the same sentence.

The Earth 300 | Earth 300

Can a nuclear megayacht save the world? 

According to CNN, Indiana University anthropologists calculated that a superyacht with a permanent crew, a helicopter pad, submarines, and pools emit over 7,000 tons of CO2 a year. Since most billionaires MADE money throughout the pandemic, boat sales have skyrocketed. Much like the camper van boom, the super-rich have taken to the open seas to socially distance themselves. There are now 300 superyachts roaming our seas. 

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