This Rare Land Rover Defender Might Be the Coolest Vintage 4×4 SUV on the Planet – MotorBiscuit

Land Rover Defenders are having a major comeback. Between the new-generation Defender 90s and 110s and the folks rebuilding older models, Land Rover is as popular as ever. With that popularity comes the unearthing of the more obscure and rare models like this 1998 Land Rover Winter Water Wolf Defender 90 made for the Royal Marines. This special Defender is easily one of the coolest vintage 4×4 SUVs ever. But it is without a doubt the coolest car name of all time. 

Land Rover Defender Winter Water Wolf | Car & Classic

This Land Rover Defender has the coolest car name ever

Not only does the Land Rover Water Winter Wolf Defender 90 have the coolest name it is also the coolest vintage 4×4 SUV. Unfortunately, they are rarer than hen’s teeth. To be clear, that means really, really rare. So rare, in fact, that Land Rover only ever made 50 examples of this crazy Mil-spec Defender. 

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