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In nearly every sport, there comes a time when the athlete faces the inevitability of retirement. Whether it’s an issue of age or an overall loss of competitive advantage because of health, sporting legends know when it’s time to bow out of the game. Valentino Rossi is known for his passion for motorcycle models, racing prowess, and championship status in the sport for years. However, Rossi recently announced that he’s bidding a fond farewell to motorcycle racing, with the 2021 season being his last as an official track contender.

The long and prosperous career of Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi of MotoGP | Steve Wobser/Getty Images

Cycle World says Valentino Rossi is the greatest racer of a generation and maybe of all time. The Italian motorcycle rider didn’t just win races, though. He made a pretty big name for himself as a cheerful and lighthearted rival to other well-known racers, including Sete Gibernau and Max Biaggi. His now-famous number 46 is an honor to his father since it’s the number his father wore throughout his own motorcycle racing career. So, racing, some might say, is in his blood. Rossi also personified an entertaining style that fans loved, and it certainly didn’t hurt that he continued to win so many races. 

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