Watch a Ford Super Duty Towing Massive Trailer Take the Fast Food ‘Drive-Through’ Way Too Literally – MotorBiscuit

Towing is hard. It is not uncommon to see someone in a big truck towing a big trailer get sideways and catastrophe strike. However, we rarely see it happen at two mph. Towing fails can be very serious and dangerous, but they can also be super funny. Thankfully we have multiple videos showing someone in their Ford Super Duty towing and completely destroying their camper to shreds as they pull it, literally, through the drive-through.

2022 Ford F-350 | Ford

Did the Ford Super Duty driver forget he was towing a trailer? 

As Ford Authority notes, It is unclear exactly what madness made this Ford Super Duty towing a trailer completely destroy their camper. It clearly isn’t a matter of forgetting about the trailer. The driver took a moment to seem to “think” it through. 

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