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You had a parent like my dad who, when driving, would listen to NPR, National Public Radio. As a kid, the news bored you, and the hosts seemed rather bland. They just blended together in a hodgepodge of radio shows. All except one supplemental show, recorded for WBUR and aired on NPR, that stuck out like a sore thumb. Car Talk, one of the most influential automotive radio shows (for better or worse) made generations of commuters laugh about the mechanical bits and bobs of their car. And after over 40 years on the air, it’s time to lay the radio show to rest.

Tom (Left) and Ray (Right) Magliozzi of WBUR’s Automotive Radio Show “Car Talk” | Lane Turner/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The background and brief history of Car Talk

If you’ve never heard of Car Talk, I’ll give you a brief history, but go listen to them after you’re done reading this. The show started more or less on accident when Tom and Ray Magliozzi walked into a radio interview in their fair city, Cambridge Massachusetts. Upon hearing the bubbly chemistry of these two goofy brothers, they were offered a weekly, hour-long radio show. The first episode of Car Talk was aired in 1977, and ran all the way through 2012.

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