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Toyota is one of the most popular automakers in America. In fact, since 2002, the best-selling car in America has been the Camry. The best-selling mid-size truck has been the Tacoma for 16 years. You could say Toyota is well-liked and respected in the U.S. This type of loyalty doesn’t come from random luck, Toyota is well-known to make reliable vehicles that last long. With the quality of products and prices lower than most luxury automakers, Toyota has a winning formula with its lineup. There’s always a downside though, as some Toyota vehicles don’t even make it onto American soil. We can’t have any of these Toyota trucks in the U.S.

New Toyota Land Cruiser won’t come to U.S.

Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport Front | Toyota

The new Land Cruiser 300 Series is a redesign of the 200 series, which launched in 2007. With the Land Cruiser 300 Series, Toyota plans to develop a vehicle synonymous with “reliability, durability, and off-road performance”. Though there are off-road-capable vehicles in the Toyota lineup, the Land Cruiser caps it off with a full-size SUV capable of similar performance. The Land Cruiser is the Toyota equivalent of the Lexus LX570, a luxury SUV that is well-respected in its class. Though there is somewhat of a focus on toughness, the Land Cruiser balances convenience and comfort in the interior. Front and the second-row seats have heating and ventilation, it’s equipped with a cool box for chilling foods or beverages, a 12.3-inch high-resolution touch screen is available, and more.

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