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Electric bikes provide a nearly super-human form of pedaling, thanks to the assistance of their electric motors. This assistance helps riders get up hills and traverse tough roads with the greatest of ease. However, did you know that there are different classes of electric bikes? Here is a breakdown.

Electric Bikes are rated by a three-class system

31 August 2021, Lower Saxony, Bispingen: A group rides e-bikes through the Lüneburg Heath in the morning. The photographer Poliza offers guided e-bike tours through the Lüneburg Heath in the morning hours at sunrise. Photo: Philipp Schulze/dpa (Photo by Philipp Schulze/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Electric bikes have been in the market for a while and for a period of time, lawmakers didn’t know how to classify them. Wired reports that electric bikes sat in a “gray area” for a time as no one knew whether to classify them as bicycles or motorized vehicles. Eventually, the e-bike industry and most of the U.S. states agreed on a three-class system.

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