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On the Road, by the Beat Generation novelist Jack Kerouac, is viewed by many as the quintessential road trip book. Beloved by members of the counterculture, travelers, and literary enthusiasts alike, On the Road tells the semi-autobiographical tale of Kerouac and friends taking a cross-country journey across the United States. With road travel at the heart and center of the book, you may wonder, “What car did Jack Kerouac drive in On the Road?” Read more to find out the answer.

1949 Hudson Commodore: The car in ‘On the Road’

1949 Hudson Commodore | Fernando Lavoz/NurPhoto via Getty Images

First off, “What car did Jack Kerouac drive in On the Road?” is somewhat of a trick question. This is because Dean Moriarty is the person that drives the car on a cross-country trip in On the Road, not Kerouac. Dean Moriarty is the fictional name used in the book for Neal Cassidy, while Sal Paradise is the character name for Jack Kerouac. The car that Dean Moriarty drives in On the Road is a 1949 Hudson Commodore, as detailed by Autoweek

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