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From movies to real life, motorcycles have long been a symbol of being cool. With a range of makes and styles, there is a bike to suit anyone’s preference. But having a stock motorcycle just doesn’t cut it for some. That’s where customizing shops step in to take a cool motorcycle and make it even cooler. So what is Workhorse Speed Shop, and what does it have to do with bikes from Indian Motorcycle?

People love customizing motorcycles

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Customizing motorcycles is nothing new. It hails back to the days of hot rods and custom cars in the 1950s and 1960s. The custom bike builder responsible for jettisoning this craft into the worldview is renowned builder Arlen Ness. According to The Mercury News, Ness was known as “the king of custom motorcycles,” and his appreciation for hot rod cars informed his signature chopper-style creations in his motorcycles. 

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