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We’ve all been there, walking to the car with a group of friends, ready for a road trip, when all of a sudden you hear “shotgun.” Everyone who stayed silent moans in despair, forced into the backseat, while the vocal one of your group lives it up in the front. But where did the calling/riding shotgun even come from, and what’s the deeper meaning behind it?

Man With Shotgun Riding A Horse | Touring Club Italiano/Marka/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Calling shotgun goes way back to the wild west

While the photo above is actually of a man hunting boar, the term “riding shotgun” goes back to the wild west, before cars were even invented. Horses and buggies were the main forms of transportation, carrying cargo across the country one gallop at a time. But one can imagine that a wooden buggy isn’t exactly secure.

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