Wisconsin Is the ‘Drunkest’ State in the U.S., but It Doesn’t Have the Most Drunk Drivers | MotorBiscuit

Alcohol and DUIs play a huge role in car accidents nationwide. Nevertheless, there are some states where alcohol consumption and drunk driving are bigger problems than others. Surprisingly, the “drunkest” state, Wisconsin, isn’t actually the state with the largest number of drunk drivers. That dubious distinction goes to another state in the Midwest. 

Wisconsin has the most excessive drinkers

MADD volunteer Janet Priewe of Wisconsin holds up photos of drunk driving victims | Michael Smith/Newsmakers

A study by 24/7 Tempo reveals that Wisconsin has the highest share of adults who report excessive drinking. 24.2% of Wisconsin adults surveyed reported drinking excessively. That number is significantly above the national average of 19%.

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