YouTubers Turned a Classic Jeep Cherokee Into a Convertible | MotorBiscuit

As many of you already know, YouTube is filled with a wide assortment of unusual and eclectic characters. You will also find many interesting people in the automotive world, as the passions that cars conjure bring out some of the extreme elements of their personalities. Another realm that features many interesting personalities is the “do-it-yourself” aficionados. In this shocking yet amusing video, a perfect storm of all three elements combine. Some YouTubers turned a classic Jeep Cherokee into a convertible, just for kicks. 

Jeep Cherokee convertible: “It had no air conditioning, so I had to make my own.”

The hardcore modification of the classic Jeep Cherokee comes courtesy of the gentlemen at the YouTube channel BackyardBroncos. With the aid of a sawzall, a hammer, and some cans of beer, BackyardBroncos went to work. First, they took the hammer and knocked off all of the badges on the Jeep. From there, they powered up the sawzall and sliced off the roof and pillars. Some parts needed some extra elbow grease to be removed, but they eventually got the job done. 

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