10 Things in Politics: Trump alums nab corporate gigs

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What to look out for today: President Joe Biden
speaks about voting rights from Philadelphia.

With Phil Rosen and Jordan Erb.

Robert Redfield and Dr. Deborah Birx with then-President Donald
Trump during a coronavirus press briefing on April 22,

Photo by Jabin Botsford/The
Washington Post via Getty Images

administration officials are finding their places in the business
world. The nation’s largest companies haven’t exactly rolled out
the red carpet, but many former officials are returning to
previous jobs in the private sector or finding new work based on
their time in the administration.

Some of those who are now in corporate roles:

  • From Big Ass Fans to Amazon: More than 30
    former Trump officials landed jobs at companies. That’s based
    on the tracking of several hundred people who worked in an
    official capacity for Trump from January 2017 to January of
    this year.
  • Some of the biggest names worked on Trump’s COVID-19
    Dr. Deborah Birx, the pandemic response
    coordinator, and Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have landed in the
    air-purifying industry. Redfield’s new employer, Big Ass Fans,
    says its ion technology kills the coronavirus.
  • The blue-chip destinations: Corporations that
    have hired former Trump officials include Amazon, IBM, Goldman
    Sachs, and Lockheed Martin but also some smaller and less
    traditional companies.

See the complete list of the 31 companies here.

2. Biden says US stands with Cuban people amid
The president showered praise on the largest
protests against the communist government in recent years. Biden
called on the Cuban government “to refrain from violence” while
Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel called on his supporters to
fight in the streets.
More on Biden’s response

Texas Democrats
Rep. Ron Reynolds of Texas at a rally outside the Texas State
Capitol on Thursday in Austin, Texas.

Tamir Kalifa/Getty Images

3. Texas Democrats flee to Washington to stall voting
Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives
have left the state in a dramatic walkout to block numerous
conservative priorities from passing in a legislative special
session. Texas is one of just a few states where the minority
party can leave to deny the quorum necessary to pass legislation.

Here’s what comes next in their fight

4. FDA adds warning to Johnson & Johnson vaccine
based on rare reaction:
Officials warn that a rare but
serious neurological disorder, Guillain-Barré syndrome, has been
linked to the COVID-19 shot. One-hundred cases of the syndrome
have been documented. Health authorities continue to stress that
the benefits still outweigh the risk of not getting vaccinated.

Here’s how the warning is another black mark for Johnson &

5.Wall Street
smashed more records
But analysts at Bank of
America say don’t count on a hefty earnings season to keep things
elevated. Read what the
pros think ahead of the earnings reports

6. Nearly $400 million in taxpayer money is just sitting
The money is supposed to publicly fund
presidential campaigns. But it doesn’t. Still more taxpayers
check a box to send $3 to it, which only adds to the balance.

Here’s what both parties would like to do with the money

7. France is mandating a vaccine passport for this
French President Emmanuel Macron said a vaccine
pass would soon be required for people to visit nonessential
places like restaurants and tourist attractions. Passports will
reside in a program that people can share via a QR code or
certificate with establishments.
Macron said COVID-19 cases would rise without the mandate

8. Several suspects in Haiti assassination linked to US
law enforcement:
The Drug Enforcement Agency confirmed
that at least one of the men arrested was previously an
informant. CNN is reporting that others connected to the plot
were also said to have previously been US law-enforcement
There’s a growing number of US connections to the

9. Trump Organization reportedly removes CFO Allen
Weisselberg from leadership posts:
The news of
Weisselberg’s removal from other Trump Organization subsidiaries
comes after Manhattan prosecutors charged him in relation to an
alleged 15-year tax-fraud scheme, The Wall Street Journal
reports. Weisselberg and the organization have pleaded not
More on the news here

​​10. Goldfish are living large in Minnesota:
Goldfish are known for their short memories. But now a few
forgotten pets are wreaking havoc in Minnesota, leading local
officials to beg people to not dump their pets in a nearby lake.

And the scale of the problem is a lot larger than you might

  • Here’s what they look like:

A person holds an extremely large goldfish found in Minnesota's Keller Lake.A
goldfish found in Minnesota’s Keller

of Burnsville, Minnesota

Today’s trivia question: Sunday marked the
anniversary of Hamilton and Burr’s infamous duel. When you’re
consulting the commandments
, can you guess which American
corporation still owns the guns the founding fathers used that
fateful day?

Email your guess and a suggested question
to me at [email protected].

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