9 adtech companies that advertisers are flocking to for new ways to zap ads at people and measure whether they work

  • Advertisers are looking for new ways to use consumer data as third-party cookies disappear.
  • Insider compiled a list of companies that specialize in helping advertisers crunch consumer data.
  • They include startups like Habu and Infosum, as well as giants like Epsilon. 
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A cottage industry of adtech firms are pitching new technologies to help advertisers manage their customer data amid the phase-out of third-party cookies and growing privacy concerns.

One of the most prominent new technologies are data clean rooms, which let advertisers match first-party data like email addresses with data from partners, like publishers, to better target and measure ads.

The stakes are high: Marketers spent an estimated $121.5 billion on marketing-tech in 2020, according to a report from BDO, WARC, and the University of Bristol. Without data clean rooms, many pieces of marketing-tech infrastructure won’t work because advertisers won’t be able to extract and use data for advertising. Clean rooms can mitigate the risks that advertisers face in sharing data because they are designed as privacy-compliant tools. 

Insider pulled together a list, based on our reporting, of the most interesting and largest companies making big bets on new data-sharing technologies. 

While Amazon, Facebook, and Google run data clean rooms, they only measure ads within their platforms, so they weren’t included. This list focuses on companies like Snowflake, InfoSum, and Epsilon that claim they can help advertisers share data to inform advertising across apps and websites.

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