An Italian luxury RV maker is launching a camper van to the US — see inside the ‘innovative’ van that already has a 500-order waitlist

… and the compact motorhome is already booming in popularity ahead of its debut.

a storage unit in the Oasi 540

The Oasi 540’s storage unit.


Meet Wingamm’s Oasi 540, one of “Europe’s most sought after motorhomes,” according to the press release.

a person standing outside the Wingamm Oasi 540

The Wingamm Oasi 540.


“It has taken persistence and innovation from our team of engineers and consultants in both Italy and the US to create a Wingamm Oasi 540 for the US market,” Lorena Turri, CEO of Wingamm, said in the press release.

The Oasi 540's kitchen with bread on the counter and several drawers open

The Oasi 540’s kitchen.


The Oasi 540’s popularity isn’t just a European trend.

an empty storage unit

One of the storage units in the Wingamm Oasi 540.


For the past three or four years. Wingamm has been receiving inquiries from US-based customers interested in the compact RV, Turri told Insider.

a toilet, a shower, a sink, and storage units inside the Oasi 540's bathroom

The Oasi 540’s bathroom


Wingamm’s RVs are currently available in 15 European and Asian countries, but the US market has always been a goal for the company.

a person about to open the Wingamm Oasi 540

The Wingamm Oasi 540.


Upon its arrival to the states, the camper van will be distributed by TM Motorhome Sales.

the bed pulled down

The bed in the Wingamm Oasi 540.


Sales will begin in Los Angeles and New Jersey in 2022 before a full nationwide rollout in 2023, Tony Diamond, co-owner of TM Motorhome Sales, told Insider.

a person opening the vanity of the Wingamm Oasi 540

The Wingamm Oasi 540’s bathroom


Luckily for the two companies, demand is already high ahead of its debut, in part because of media coverage in early June, Diamond said, citing Gear Patrol’s article about the camper van.

exterior of the Wingamm Oasi 540

The exterior of the Wingamm Oasi 540.


After the Gear Patrol article was published on June 3, the company began receiving “nonstop” calls and emails about the van (we’re talking an inquiry every minute).

a person moving the table in the Wingamm Oasi 540

The swivel table in the Wingamm Oasi 540.


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