IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Aug. 31, 2021

what should be average acceptable return on equity?? 20% is a good rule of thumb. to the Team – now that’s some rockin’ music to start a Tuesday! (Live from Mpls!!) There we go Scott! GM dude! Ticker of the day DBRO Yes! Nailed it! ZM-reminds me of FSLY. What do you guys think of JBL? JBL such a steady performer but latest breakout was from later-stage base. It’s extended now. Long Train Running Doobie Bros 1973 Bingo! How about ZM after earnings. Also Zoom investors event yesterday. live answered Love me some Doobie Brothers…. Lot of fans out there! Yeah! Good morning… is COF actionable? No, not after Monday’s higher-volume decline. Big sellers in the stock Monday on a bad day overall for financials. Good Morning Team – Hatman just reviwed the new “Ready List” with over 50 names. What is the relationship of “Leaderboard”, Top Ten and the “Ready List” Thanks live answered Good morning to a great looking panel!!! Hey Scott! Thank you!!! Yesterday Mr. Shrieve gave a bullish opinion of DXCM .Yet the stochastics on the weekly chart are clearly above 80, where Mr. Ryan had said was a sell point. Can you explain this please ? After 11 straight weekly gains, DXCM continues to trade tightly near highs. This is bullish. Stochastics might be a yellow flag, but overall the stock contiues to trade well. Professor Ryan! GM, let’s going over ZM gap down please!!! live answered David Ryan is great Sure is Two David, Ali and Ed, best squad ever 🙂 Glad to be one of those guys on the stage when the real stars collect the Oscar. 🙂 David – good morning – did you invest any of your 50% cash last week. What are the most compelling setups that we should look at – Thanks live answered Good Morning everyone! Thanks for being here Mr. Ryan, glad you touched on stochastics last session, have a great day! live answered Please cover TOL if possible, JIm Really nice accumulation week last week but breakout was low in the base. Watching for a new handle at this point. No sound left came back in still no sound Check your device settings and your network connection? I am hearing sound! Is ORGO a buy ? ORGO is currently not a buy since it’s not yet breaking out into a proper buy zone. Best to wait for a base to form and buy on the breakout. ORGO has just reclaimed all its moving averages though, which is a good sign. Thank you, the IBD Live team, for always thinking about how to improve the value and learning experience of your customers. David Ryan’s joining really changed the program to just stock analysys to mini course and long term learning experience too. EXCELLENT! Thanks Jason, so glad you’re enjoying! We’ve now added the first two parts of the selling series to the FAQ page, woo! Do you feel TSLA move is real yesterday? Hope so! We increased the position on Leadeboard Monday. David Ryan – when you first were a guest on the show )before you became a regular) you mentioned the Bible helps you in your investing, I was curious if you can elaborate. You can answer in private if you wish – or not answer also I understand. God Bless Leslie, it is the most important thing in my life. God’s word comes first. I am writing a book based on biblical principles. Don’t expect it soon but hopefully in the next year. Is QQQ extended ? At 4.2% above the 50-day MA, I don’t think so. Back on 9/2/20, for instance, QQQ got 13% above that line! I have problems with market smith charts since yesterday which have lines vertically placed overlapped on the charts Have you tried turning off the index line under the top right wrench? Our engineers are working to resolve the issues with the charts COF poor action yesterday, no touch Sell rating, falling Treasury yields reall hurt COF. Mr. Ryan, do you think SHOP is shaping up to be a diamond top pattern? live answered I’m gettin gsome very erattic black lines on my Daily ZM chart. It that a bug? Have you tried turning off the index line under the top right wrench? Our engineers are working to resolve the issues with the charts DOCU live answered PYPL popped yesterday, but #in SQ are much higher. Can you compare? live answered Someone posted a message saying issues with MarketSmith. I am having various programs too in the last a few days For troubleshooting help with other issues, please email [email protected] TSLA looks good for potential continuation. live answered GM IBD Live, Is anyone considering Chinese stocks on a follow through day or are foreign stock markets follow throughs not apply like in the USA? Really feels like so much damage in the China stocks that a lot of recovery time is needed, Brian wow wonderful it looks like It worked I know it’s a temporary fix, but we are working to resolve! Good morning all. AGL looks like a double bottom. 39.10 as the buy point? live answered If I have think&swim, is there anyway, I will have access to Ready and Watch list ??? We include a link to the ready/watch list in the IBD Live Recap. The recap will be out later today, next to today’s archived video. SBLK giving up a lot of the gains this morning live answered DOCU having a gap down, hummm Still don’t seen any news. Bad price action but still early. David R thoughts on PKI live answered GM Team… Thanks so much for Joe Fahmy guesting the program. He is the only guest I really make sure to watch and study. (minimal philosophy, maximum chart-reading) More please! Thanks -PaulG Joe is great, we agree! Thanks for this, Paul! DOCU – worse performer this morning on ready last? Maybe moving down in sympathy with ZM today? Any news on DOCU, gapped down this morning I’m guessing DOCU is falling in sympathy with ZM today, justified or not. Can we please talk about PLTR as to why that would be a breakout when its 40% off its high ? Overhead supply ? PLTR is a classic example of a bottoming base. Latest base formed after prior uptrend (rally from 17.05 to 27.50). But it’s been a sluggish breakout so far. Could still have some overhead supply issues after some heavy-volume selling earlier this year in Feb. New to Leaderboard… Ready List? Hey Lisa! Check out and for help! 🙂 Any location to download the IBD tables into execel format. Specifically the top 200 or the sector group lists to allow the copying and pasting of tickers into my charting software. I already download the IBD 50 and other lists from the stock screener and stock lists page.. Thanks Hm, I would reach out to our customer service team about this! Ed show us the cat! Cat doesn’t want to join us. Used to! I’ve been getting a strange artifact on some daily charts. Black spikes that go through the whole chart. Hi Marilyn! Try clicking on the wrench in the upper right and un-check the index line. That should help! We are working on a fix for this issue is PLTR breaking out? It is, but sluggish breakout so far. Still in 5% buy zone but not much power. Hi! any take on TDC? It’s nearing the 59.68 buy point of a consolidation, shares are only 9% away. Also, the RS line looks fairly strong on this one. Thanks Ali, I did… not finding reference to “Ready” list. Same as “Leaders List”? They are different! 🙂 We have an explanation of that on 🙂 Is SHOP stage 9 base? Corona crash reset the base count some of my charts have vertical lines or something that looks like a EKG. how do I get tem of? Hey Charles, Try clicking on the wrench in the upper right and un-check the index line. That should help! We are working on a fix for this issue any comments on LGIH? Long consolidation? Had a great run in the spring. But LEN is looking stronger right now I forgot to say good morning! I hope evryone is well. Morning Shane! Missed the name of the CANSLIM resource that picks the best CANSLIM stocks by computer. You mentioned $CSS…but I didn’t catch the resource that you mentioned. IBD Sector Leaders Yesterday Ken noted that ZM’s chart looked like PTON’s just before earnings. I cut my losses and was saved from today’s pain. Ken – you rock! Thanks A.A.! Thoughts on BTU? Way too late. Very extended What’s up with SBLK? Baltic Dry Index – shipping rates – are down today. The BDRY ETF, which should track that index, down significantly. Semi’s are getting hammered today SMH down after rising for 8 straight sessions. I’m sure you talked about ZM already. I just got on! Any hope for it to come back While ZM had a great year in 2020, it’s been a laggard for the bulk of this year. Unless you had a decent profit cushion on the stock, 10% or so, we would have not been holding the stock into earnings. We would not be owning shares here Hello Ken. FIVN down more than 15% this morning. Is this related with ZM drop? Any action on those two stocks? Many Thanks. ZM is buying FIVN, so FIVN is going to follow ZM. APPS up 15% any news on this? Joining the S&P Midcap (straight in, wasn’t already in the SmallCap 600.) Why is FB not on LB? It’s been strong among the megacaps. We already have GOOGL, MSFT and AAPL, and since this is a portfolio, we don’t want to be too concentrated in megacap tech Ali – fellow dog person here and big fan of pet insurance. Always found this of great value. Wonder if this could be a growth sector benefiting from the “fur-baby” boom. Looking at TRUP, I see so-so fundamentals, but nice looking sales growth. Also Lord Abbett sponsorship. Think worth watching at this point or too many flaws right now? Hey Blaine! The story is there, and TRUP had a great 2020. But hasn’t been acting great this year. But you’re right, there are flaws incl. heavy volume on the downside in recent weeks with a cup that’s very deep and a handle that’s very deep as well Why is the RS 55 when the price is on the top? RS rating measures price performance vs. all other stocks in IBD’s database over 52 weeks, with a bit more weight to the action in the most recent quarter Earnings Stability rating – is higher , better? No lower is better. 1 is the best. ok, thx for this; also UPST moving up today. Hope the team will comment UPST looks like a hold for those who own it to me! Can we cover PRFT when we’re talking about selling rules please!? Percentages above moving averages, perhaps. Doesn’t look climactic at these levels. When a stock is 20-50% above its 10-day MA that’s when it starts looking extended from its short-term MAs, that can also be a sell signal Is there a easy way to copy the stocks on the ready list & put them in a Marketsmith list? We have instructions at, you can also reach out to [email protected] for help if needed! Be interesting to know who on the panel made money during down markets Most if not all of us go to cash when the market is in a correction Please explain – significance “Live Ready” and “Live Watch” list Hi there! We have an explanation at TGT? Thank you A tricky one… Tried to get back above the 50-day a few days after earnings but hasn’t followed up on that. Could use a decisive close below the low of two weeks ago as a final exit, depending on how you sized the position? Where can I see the ready list on IBD website? in the description linked next to each day’s archived episode. More info on how to find can be found at WDAY- seems actioable around 275 A period of sideways movement could yield a new entry. I’m not a buyer now. Does the live Q&A have a section on how to transfer the live ready list to think or swim? If not is it possible to address how to do this? Hi! A quick web search can help you with this (how to import list into thinkorswim). Here’s one video on YouTube that might help: Will these Buying / Selling segments from David Ryan be posted on FAQ page? Yes, the first two are already on the FAQ page at 🙂 Is it the same as Stocks near a buyzone? That’s a different list! what defines an extended stock A stock that has run up from a proper buy point, its moving averages, etc. We do not see the speaker I am able to see the speaker, have you checked your internet connection settings and your Zoom settings? Never mind on PRFT. I’ll go back and watch last week’s lesson. 🙂 Could take some profits but no need to sell completely. Could wait for a close below 10-day to trim, 21-day to trim, and 10-week line for final sell Since this week ends software update Some of my charts have some kind of lines or something covering the chart where you can’t read it any more has any one mentioned this to you? I thought it be corrected by now….maybe Hi, yes, please see answered section of the Q&A where we have talked about this; our tech team is working on a fix, so sorry for the issue. In the meantime, click on the wrench in the upper right and un-check the index line. That should help! 🙂 This is a great analysis. Thanks, David. great teacher I think the industry rankings in MS change daily, but is there a specific time of day that happens? Hey Nancy! Our MS product coaches would be able to help you with this — [email protected] 🙂 Do you all use SMA 50 and SMA 200, and a 21 day EMA? Hi Joakim! Yes 🙂 Details on all the moving averages we use for different timeframes (weekly, monthly as well) can be found at If there is a vertical violation, do you sell a long term leader? thinking of DR’s AAPL example. We use the term “vertical violation” when referring to the major indexes. But the action of a stock slicing below its moving averages in heavy volume would be in most cases a sell signal Why does Marketsmith sometimes put vertical black lines on daily charts? See MNDY. Hi Stephen, see the answered section of the Q&A — our tech team is looking into this, in the meantime, unchecking the box next to index line underneath the top right wrench is a short-term fix! 🙂 Thanks David Ryan for great education. Question to the Team. Would you please show how to create a filter for 3 weeks tight pattern? Open the bottom panel. Go to: Reports -> MS Growth 250 -> G250 Pattern Recognition -> Tight Areas CRWD. EARNINGS TODAY. HOLD OR REDUCE? If I owned the stock with a nice profit, I would certainly consider trimming the position to mitigate risk. How much weight do you give to the AD rating? We look at it but I wouldn’t say it’s a make-or-break metric. If it’s a top stock, it’ll have other quality metrics Thanks to AC for the comment about how to get rid of the spikes, sometimes I just switch the display to a different stock and come back, but this is easier 🙂 We apologize for the issue! 🙁 CRWD reporting tomorrow, what does dr think Reporting tonight. Song suggestion for tomorrow. “More Bounce to the Ounce” – Roger and Zapp Thanks! I’ll have to see if we have the rights to play this one… Thanks for the link Ali! Of course, good luck! Are Steel stocks losing their strength? Most have been dropping NUE still holding its 21-day for now. That’s an area I’m watching The Baltic Dry Index just hit a new 12 year high yesterday… The index looks great. Just having a retreat today. Has David mentioned his % invested? Yes, at the beginning of the show he said he hasn’t been adding much exposure, still around 50% invested or so Ed is a great guy but does he ever LIKE a stock Heh. Hard to be bullish on Chinese stocks right now. Ken, do you still hold IIPR? Are you taking profit along the way? I do. It’s one of my largest positions and I haven’t taken any profits yet. However, it’s been wedging higher in light volume so will probably trim soon. TSLA strength today. Institutional buying? Looking good after peaking above 730 aggressive entry on Monday. UPST up 4.28% today, an IPO that seems to have smoothed out its volativity. It’s a little calmer, but nobody minds volatility to the upside. It Cali of course your power grid will fail again muahaha Let me shut down a nuclear plant and see if that fixes the problem.
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